Lincoln Trail

The Lincoln Trail in Pennsylvania

A list of the various cities and routes visited by Abraham Lincoln in Pennsylvania.


Bristol, PA: 1848; 1860; 1861; 1862; 1865 Lincoln visited the Bristol Train Station (Historical Marker opposite rail line at 305 Pond Street) for an Inaugural Train whistle stop, and for various rail trips.

Philadelphia, PA: Feb. 22, 1861 at Independence Hall for a speech; between April 22 and 24, 1865, for the funerary train, Lincoln's body was placed at Independence Square, at Continental Hotel (Ninth and Chestnut Sts.), at Chiense Museum Building (Ninth and Sansom), Girard House Hotel (825-27 Chestnut St.), Union League (1118 Chestnut St.), and at Logan Circle.

Leaman Place, PA: February 22, 1861 for Inaugural train whistle stop at the Train Station (no longer standing; at Rt. 30 and rail intersection)

Lancaster, PA: At the Lancaster Train Station (McGovern Avenue) and Caldwell House Hotel (North Queen and E. Chestnut Sts.) on February 22, 1861 for inaugural train whistle stops.

Harrisburg, PA: Feb. 22, 1861; April 21-22, 1865 Pennsylvania Railroad Station (Fourth and Chestnut Sts.; reconstruction), Jones House Hotel (SE corner of Second and Market Sts.), State Capitol for inaugural train whistle stops and funerary

Hanover, PA: Hanover Junction Station on November 18, 1863n en route to deliver the Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg, PA: On November 18-19, 1863 to deliver the Gettysburg Address at the Soldier's National Cemetery. While in Gettysburg, he stayed at the David Wills House, and visited the Robert G. Harper House (immediately south of David Wills' House).

National Road (Rt. 40) in 1847 en route to Washington, DC.

Pittsburgh, PA: On February 14-15, 1861 at the Allegheny City Train Station (sw corner of Federal and S. Commons Streets), on his inaugural train trip.

Erie, PA: On various dates: 1857 - visited Niagra Falls; 1860 - visited Cooper Union; Feb. 16, 1861 for the Inaugural train; 1865 on the funerary train.