Ancestry in PA

The Mordecai Lincoln House 

Learn about the house that Abraham Lincoln's great-great-grandfather built in Berks County, Pennsylvania: Mordecai Lincoln House.



Abraham Lincoln's Ancestry Timeline 

Abraham Lincoln's immediate family ancestry can be traced with an in-depth timeline here.


Lincoln's Ancestry Throughout Pennsylvania

Like hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens of the middle western states, Lincoln's ancestors had lived in Pennsylvania, had moved southward through the Great Valley into Virginia, had passed through Cumberland Gap into Kentucky, and then had moved across the Ohio River into the Old Northwest. His people were a part of the tide of settlement which pushed the frontier westward, redeeming the land from the forest and building the new states of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.

Lincoln's knowledge of his Pennsylvania ancestry was exceedingly vague. In a brief biographical sketch prepared for Jesse Fell in December, 1859, he wrote: "My paternal grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, emigrated from Rockingham County, Virginia, to Kentucky, about 1781 or 2, where a year or two later he was killed by Indians, not in battle, but by stealth . . . His ancestors, who were Quakers, went to Virginia from Berks County, Pennsylvania. An effort to identify them with the New-England family of the same name ended in nothing more definite, than a similarity of Christian names in both families, such as Enoch, Levi, Mordecai, Solomon, Abraham, and the like."

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Lincoln wrote three autobiographies within a two year period, just before his campaign for the presidency. To read these autobiographies where he personally describes his ancestry, click here.