Abraham Lincoln and Pennsylvania: A Virtual Field Trip via Google Earth


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In honor of the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, the Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission offers this virtual field trip. The tour created in Google Earth and enhanced with text and images from leading books and significant primary sources, helps explain Lincoln's connections to Pennsylvania by highlighting, in a series of geographic placemarks, his visits to the state, his often overlooked personal, political and family connections to the state, and the key stops of his funeral train through the commonwealth in 1865.

Each stop in the tour offers many types of resources for users.

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Details for each stop on the tour include photographs, maps, and engravings.



Accompanying text by prominent historians and historical witnesses.

Links to further primary sources related to the event.


Several towns and cities include contemporary map overlays.

The following is a list of stops in the tour:

1. Lincoln Ancestors: Exeter Township, Berks County, PA (1720-1795)
2. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Rochester, PA (February 14, 1861)
3. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Pittsburgh, PA (February 15, 1861)
4. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Erie, PA (February 16, 1861)
5. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Bristol, PA (February 21, 1861)
6. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Philadelphia, PA (February 22, 1861)
7. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Leaman Place, PA (February 22, 1861)
8. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Lancaster, PA (February 22, 1861)
9. Pre-Inaugural Journey: Harrisburg, PA (February 22, 1861)
10. Lincoln's Military Guard: Meadville, PA (1862-1865)
11. Gettysburg, PA (1863)
12. National Battlefield: Gettysburg, PA (July 4, 1863)
13. Gettysburg-Hanover, PA (November 18, 1863)
14. David Wills House: Gettysburg, PA (November 18, 1863)
15. Soldier's National Cemetery: Gettysburg, PA (November 19, 1863)
16. Sanitary Fair: Philadelphia, PA (June 16, 1864)
17. Funeral Train: Harrisburg, PA (April 21-22, 1865)
18. Funeral Train: Philadelphia, PA (April 22-24, 1865)
19. Simon Cameron: (1799-1889) Lincoln's First Secretary of War
20. David Wilmot: (1814-1868) Famous Free Soiler and leading Republican
21. Andrew Curtin: (1817-1894) Pennsylvania War Governor
22. John W. Forney: (1817-1881) Newspaper editor and Lincoln adviser
23. Alexander McClure: (1828-1909) Leading Pennsylvania journalist and politician

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Abraham Lincoln and Pennsylvania Tour File
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This tour was designed by Jeff Mummert and built by the students and staff of the House Divided Project at Dickinson College. Many of the maps, images, and information used in the tour are linked to House Divided.


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Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and made possible by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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